• Karis Anderson


Happy new year lovers!!! 

Can’t believe we’re in 2019 already, last year was a fantastic one and I’m open and ready to receive more blessings this year in all forms! I’ve just come back from a Thailand trip for the Christmas break and I tried so I’m attempting to bring some tropical vibes to this grey, dull morning in London Town. I refuse to let the weather dictate my mood lol! So I bought some chia seeds and a load of fruit/ plant milk/ nuts last night to experiment with some chia puddings and this is the first one that happened.... coconut & mango! This was a staple combination in Thailand so I’m having all types of nostalgia as I scoop up every bite. They go so well together and topped with the some coconut flakes and dried goji berries, we bring in some crunchy texture which for me was the only thing missing. (As well as some passion fruit which would of gone down a treat drizzled on top. But.... Couldn’t find any)

Another benefit of this dish, asides from the fact it’s all natural ingredients. It’s a known fact that vegans (especially newbies) struggle to find sources of protein, well those little goji berries are PACKED FULL OF IT. With a massive 14 grams in a small 100g pack. I suggest you head down to Tesco’s now and buy a load to devour lol.  You do need to prep the chia seeds a few hours before making the pudding, but this a super quick and easy 4 ingredient healthy filling pudding/ breakfast/ any time of the day snack. Which you don’t need to feel guilty about eating in bulk like I just did. Enjoy! Let me know what you think & send me pics on the gram if you make it! With love, Karis x INGREDIENTS - 1/2 cup chia seeds 1 cup coconut milk 2/3 tbs Maple syrup 1 Mango 1/2 Lime 1 tsp Coconut flakes 1 tsp Goji berries/ passion fruit 1 tumble glass/ bowl to serve METHOD - Either over night or 4/5 hours before making the chia seed pudding, you will need to prep the chia seeds themselves and mix with the coconut milk to set and form into the pudding. I did this buy adding the chia seeds and coconut into a bowl, along with the maple syrup. Mix all together with a spoon or a whisk making sure there are no clumps of seeds. Set in the fridge over night or for a few hours. Coconut milk has a tendency to harden when chilled so if you find your pudding is too firm once it has set, add a little more coconut milk to loosen it up or give it a little steak so it’s transferable to your glass. When you are ready to serve, blitz up half the mango and the juice of the lime in a blender until smooth. Chop the other half of the mango into small diced pieces. Leaving a teaspoon of the diced mango to the side, ass the rest of the mango to the now smooth mango and mix together. Layer the chia seed pudding around 1/2 cm thick depending on the size of you glass, then layer the mango mixture on top and repeat until glass is full. Top with the remaining diced mangos, coconut flakes and dried goji berries or passion fruit if you have it. And voila! You can also pre set these and leave in fridge until ready if you are making for guest etc. Enjoy! Xxx  


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