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So I recently took a trip down to Wulf and Lamb after hearing so many good things about their menu I couldn’t wait to try for myself. I took my sister and cousin along with me who are also vegan and extreme foodies like me lol.

I’ll just start by saying.... YES YES YES. Some plant based restaurants have the most amazing branding behind them, all the frills and an eye catching menu. But then you taste the food and..... it’s just blah and lacks all the potential flavour. I hate bland food and I need everything to be bursting with seasoning, herbs, flavour, and spices.


Aswell as a wonderfully warm service. You walk in the door and see a small bar area with a few tables and a lovely waitress awaiting patiently to take your order - we stared at the menu for about 3 minutes straight before deciding what to have. So many good solid options!

You then walk upstairs to a big beautiful open, naturally lit space be greeted by another lovely waitress and we was shown to our table.

To start we had the chargrilled peppers which I could eat a ton of! Such a simple dish but they had so much flavour. We shared these between 3 of us and there were plenty.

For my main, I had the Wulf Burger and we shared and the carbonara (along with picking at each others food of course)

The Wulf Burger - which is made from seitan, topped with tomato, cheese, baby gem, pickle, red onion and a cashew aioli (dreamy) all served in a brioche bun along side some sauerkraut & sweet potato/ normal wedges.

I’m still not over this burger. It is bloody fantastic. Perfect texture, perfect ratio of veg/ sauce/ burger/ bun. Not too sloppy so that you can’t keep a hold of it, but not too dry to make you wish you could add more sauce. The flavour and texture of the seitan burger is beefy, not as firm but you can tell they have worked hard on getting this right. This is definitely top 3 in my favourite vegan burgers and I’ve tried a lot of them lol.

The creamy linguine - white wine and Parmesan sauce with seasonal greens.

This is the closest thing I’ve had to a carbonara since I became vegan. It was a very simple dish but absolutely did the job. It had a perfect cheesy balance without being too over bearing. The only thing I would change is the consistency of the creamy base. It’s quite thin, but I only think that because I’m comparing it to a carbonara (comparison is the thief of joy and all that) so for what it is, it’s just right. I just personally love my pasta sauce creamy AF.

We also ordered the broccoli which came topped with some cheesy/ garlic breadcrumbs and were BANGING. Perfect side dish and sticking with their theme of warming, homely meals packed with flavour and a slight edge.

My cousin had the ‘Wulf Pie’ - a pulled jackfruit and lentil stew with mashed-potato and baby carrots.

I tasted a little bit and it was gorgeous. I definitely preferred this to any bland gristley shepherds pie I’ve ever tried. I’m a big fan of jackfruit and I’ve been cooking with it for a long time so I’m glad it’s finally catching on as a go-to meat substitute. The potato mash was beautifully piped across the top, creamy to perfection and melted on the roof of your mouth while the jackfruit filling ticked your tastebuds. This is a warm homely dish and one for everyone.

Okay let’s talk about the Wulf and Lamb Mac ‘n’ Cheese.




I’m definitely saving the best ‘til last here. I have been searching for this type of perfection in a plant based Mac and cheese for the LONGEST. Oh my. I could go on about it for ever but just take my word for it - PERFECT. Not sloppy, perfect balance of cheese flavour, perfect crispy topping, amazing consistency leaving you wanting more right after every bite. I just love it.

So now we’re at dessert. I’m just going to leave this photo here .....

This brownie is sensational. I find with lots of vegan chocolate desserts either the flavour is too overpowering or it’s just dry lol. They got it right on the money with this one. It melted in your mouth and the ice cream was a perfect accompaniment. I have day dreams about the toffee sauce the brownie was swimming in... Highly recommended.

Thank you Wulf and Lamb for fulfilling my tastebud desires. I loved every minute of my experience there and your food is outstanding!

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