• Karis Anderson


So as some of you know I embarked on my music career in 2010 with the girl band Stooshe which was an amazing whirlwind of an experience. We still do gigs every now and the. But as of last year I decided it was time to fulfill another dream of mine - Musical Theatre. Starring in a musical has been one of my absolute goals ever since I was a baby when my Mum and I use to watch singing in the rain, a chorus line, Oaklahoma To name a few. But I never went to ‘drama’ school or even had an acting class in my life so I thought it was out of the question for me. Until I got myself an agent last year who said I’ll definitely be in with a shot. I started off with a Panto and then got a job in the west end straight away in “All Or Nothing” playing the wonderful PP Arnold. That lasted for a few months and while I was in that I was auditioning for other things so I could secure a job once it finished. I was up for my dream musical - MOTOWN. This is where all the music that I grew up listening began for me, The Supremes were Stooshe’s biggest influence so it just felt like it was meant to be. I was up for an ensemble role which I was over the moon about. I kept getting recalled for it and I could feel it becoming more of a reality to me but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. After 7 or 8 auditions, my agent called me saying I’ve got the job. I was over the moon and couldn’t believe my dreams were becoming a reality so soon after entering a career path which I didn’t actually have much experience in. I didn’t think it could get any better until my agent said they want me in to audition again. I was a bit baffled but didn’t question it as it was just to decide which cover role I would be doing. Did my audition and that was that. A few days later my agent called me again saying that Motown want me to play Diana Ross. THE MISS DIANA ROSS. I burst out in tears and kept saying “are you sure? Are you sure sure sure?’ I literally couldn’t believe it. Me! Little old me! Playing a lead role in a world renowned super successful and authentic musical, which was also written by Berry Gordy himself. I still can’t even believe it lol - I took the job obviously and we’re nearly in our last week of rehearsals and I couldn’t be happier. We open in Birmingham next week and we’ll be travelling the country for the next year. This is literally a dream role for me and I Feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity. I visualised myself playing this role for months. My point is - believe in your damn self! No dream is too big and manifesting Is a real thing. Visualise visualise visualise! with no doubts! It will happen - work hard and be passionate. I feel like he’s past few years of my life have been working towards me doing this role and I haven’t even realised! The universe always has a bigger plan for you and it hears and knows your every thought! Keep them positive and do everything with love. It will only ever work for you if you work for it ❤️ 

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