17 Apr 2018

This is a traditional Ghanaian dish and I absolutely love making it. It tastes great with plenty of different sides and It's so filling without being too guilty. Its pretty simple and lasts for ages in the fridge if you make a big portion, or alternatively you can also...

17 Apr 2018

I literally lived on this meal for like a whole month when I became vegan lol, It's so so simple and chickpeas are so cheap you cant go wrong. It's a staple recipe but there's so much room to play about with it so do your thing!! This recipe is using potatoes but it al...

17 Apr 2018

This is perfect for a cosy night in, when you can't really be bothered to spend hours in the kitchen but want still want a wholesome meal. It's so quick to prep and keeps you full for ages. Serve on its own or with some crusty bread. 

Ingredients -

1 tin butterbeans


16 Apr 2018

This post was originally posted on an old blog I had, but as i got so much amazing feedback and love from you guys I thought it would only be right to keep it up somewhere so here it is. enjoy x 

I cant explain how weird this is for me, I've um'd and ah'd about speaking...

15 Apr 2018

What is the silliest recent beauty trend?

Those f*cking squiggly eyebrows... Never seen anything so stupid lol

What job would you be absolutely terrible at?

Being a doctor or nurse. Squeamish AF

What would your perfect Saturday be like?

Cooking food & hosting family dinner,...

15 Apr 2018

It's really hard to find fresh new vegan spots working in the West end every day but I recently found this little gem of a cafe 'VIETCAFE' on Haymarket which offers some lovely vegan options. I had the 'Goi Chay' aka summer rolls which had tofu, rice vermicelli, shredd...

15 Apr 2018

This is such a quick and easy go to meal. I use extra firm tofu and serve with Singapore noodles. Enjoy!


extra firm tofu

singapore noodles

dark soy sauce


ketap manis soy sauce

1 red bell pepper

1 green bell pepper

1 yellow bell pepper

1 large onion

1 red chilli


13 Apr 2018

These are a game changer for me. I had loads of dm's on instagram asking for this recipe when I posted the picture on my story - I think they may actually be my top 3 things to make & eat since becoming vegan.  They give me KFC & Morley's realness but without the meat...

3 Apr 2018

So my sister told me about this wonderful discovery the other day and I've adapted the recipe a little to my liking! It's honestly so quick and easy, and much better for you than tofu scramble. Perfect for when you fancy a fry up without the guilt. 


1 tin chi...

25 Mar 2018

I can't lie... plantain has to be one of my favourite things to eat EVER. So it would be rude not to dedicate my 1st post to them! I've only just learned that it is in fact fruit although - it's cooked as a vegetable. I love how versatile & flavoursome it is, the amoun...

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