Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you deliver to?

A: We cover most areas within the M25, to find out if your in the catchment area please check our 'delivery info' page or enter your address at order check out.

Q: Is everything vegan?

A: Absolutely! Everything on the menu is vegan & veggie friendly.

Q: Is it first come first serve with the orders?

A: Yes, we have a cap on the amount of orders we can take each week so if you want same week delivery please get them in asap so we can get them processed. 

Q: How does the contactless delivery work?

A: Your delivery driver will call or text when they are outside, letting you know they have left your food on your doorstep or safe place. 

Q: I am allergic to nuts, do you include them in any of your food?

A: All of our items are nut free, also free from any nut milk. We list other allergens in the description of each product on the site.


Q: When will my food be delivered? 

A: We aim to get all deliveries out to you within 7 days of your order. Our delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. You will receive a text within 24 hours of your order, confirming your delivery day and time for that week.

Q: What on the menu is Gluten Free?

A: Our jerk chilli non carne, brown stew jackfruit, peri peri potatoes and bekile's greens are all GF.

Q: Do meals arrive hot or cold? are they all in meal prep boxes?

A: As this is a meal prep service where meals are usually bought in bulk to be stored and re-heated, food batches are cooked and prepared the same day as delivery and therefore may not arrive piping hot. But our containers are microwaveable, fridgeable, freezable & can go in the dishwasher too. Yes, all meals arrive in meal prep boxes, except the 'extras' which come in separate containers.

Q: How would you recommend heating food?

A: Everything can be microwaved, but items that have a little bite to them i.e. LOVE BITES we recommend heating in the oven for a few mins to retain the crispiness. 


with love, Karis x