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10 Mar 2019

So today I had the pleasure of cooking at the Vegan Life live at Alexandra Palace with 'Oumph!' on stage during the show. I chose to cook a Thai red curry inspired by my recent trip to Thailand where I learned about their food culture and Thai flavours & spices.

I bough...

3 Mar 2019

So this is my new go to meal. Not only is it filling and packed full of protein, its quick and easy and super cheap. Enjoy!


(serves 3-4)

1 pack Red Lentil pasta (I used fusilli for this but any kind is fine!)

5 cloves chopped garlic

1 pack cherry tomatoes, ch...

3 Jan 2019

Happy new year lovers!!!  

Can’t believe we’re in 2019 already, last year was a fantastic one and I’m open and ready to receive more blessings this year in all forms!

I’ve just come back from a Thailand trip for the Christmas break and I tried so I’m attempting to bring...

30 Dec 2018

So I recently took a trip down to Wulf and Lamb after hearing so many good things about their menu I couldn’t wait to try for myself. I took my sister and cousin along with me who are also vegan and extreme foodies like me lol.

I’ll just start by saying.... YES YES YES....

28 Nov 2018

So as some of you know I embarked on my music career in 2010 with the girl band Stooshe which was an amazing whirlwind of an experience. We still do gigs every now and the. But as of last year I decided it was time to fulfill another dream of mine - Musical Theatre. St...

28 Nov 2018

So after months of talking about it I finally made my own YouTube channel where I will be showing you how to make some of my recipes! My aim is to probe that you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy vegan food and there are so many alternative for all to enjoy. Simple recip...

5 May 2018

You can't go wrong with this. I've been trying to produce more flavour with vegetable ingredients rather than a load of seasonings like I use to have to do with meat. The more veg you use the more flavours just pop out. All purpose is a staple in so many of my recipes...

4 May 2018

This is so quick and easy to make, whilst also being wholesome and so filling! You literally fling it all in one pot and 20 mins later you're done. Enjoy!

Ingredients -

1 pack fresh gnocci

1 tins chopped tomatos

5 garlic cloves

1 pack kale 

2 handfuls baby plum tomatos


25 Apr 2018

So I had a little experiment in the kitchen last night and ended with this afro-caribbean fusion dish! Served with some fried plantain and avocado/salad. It's quite a spicy dish so if you aren't into spice leave out the scotch bonnet as the jerk sauce already has quite...

17 Apr 2018

This is a traditional Ghanaian dish and I absolutely love making it. It tastes great with plenty of different sides and It's so filling without being too guilty. Its pretty simple and lasts for ages in the fridge if you make a big portion, or alternatively you can also...

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